As part of our Stewardship programme the following question was asked of everyone


We thought the results of this should be published for everyone’s information.


We bring our school age children each week to I.C.C. Mass to enjoy the pleasure of being part of a weekly spiritual ritual linking school to Parish.
The Stewardship Program has increased my awareness of our Parish’s need for each one of us to take responsibility and spiritual ownership in order to protect and embrace our Parish community.

Immaculate Conception Parish is a welcoming, friendly parish and the services in the Church are very special, great preaching, great talented musicians.

This Parish offers so much for all types of people and is a peaceful haven if in need.

I feel very happy to belong to the Hawthorn parish. I have been here for 3 years.

Nourishing the Spirit, welcoming and warm, love the children’s art work.

Not keen on hymns chosen for Sunday Mass, that is 11.00 a.m. We had plenty of happy and easier songs in the old days!

I couldn’t live without it!

Warm and welcoming.

It’s my home away from home, and it comforts me in times of despair.

I am happy to be part of such a great Parish which has such a caring, welcoming and inclusive atmosphere.

Welcoming, inclusive and friendly. It’s great to be back!

When I moved to Surrey Hills three years ago, I needed to decide which local Parish I would join. I chose I.C.C. because of the great sense of belonging, the wonderful programmes (Women’s Spirituality Night and Business Breakfasts) that are offered and the great opportunity to contribute.

Moreover, my connection and relationship with the Jesuit community which, over many years, has continued to enrich my life.

At my Parish I feel welcomed and I am proud to work for and be part of such a vibrant Parish.

Friendly Liturgy.

One of the most welcoming and caring communities we have experienced in 48 years of marriage.

This new Stewardship programme sounds an exciting development. I hope it will get me more involved with the Parish as, apart from the odd garden working bee, I haven’t really been very actively involved in the Parish, apart from going to Mass at either St Joseph’s or Immaculate Conception.

I am very blessed to have the Jesuits running this Parish.

The Immaculate Conception/St Joseph’s Parish is a centerpiece of my life.

Thanks to the friendly office staff – I do feel welcome. As a senior it is difficult to really feel part of the Parish. When attending Mass, e.g. we shake hands during Mass but it seems to have little meaning.

As mentioned the Parish is like second family – good supportive community.

I think it is a great parish in all respects

We find the Parish most welcoming with a community very devoted and dedicated in supporting parishioners’ well being

I feel very blessed to be part of I.C.C. Church. This moment/stage in my life is when I want to give back and to help anyone as best as I could.

I think the Parish is the most important facet of my life. The generosity and spirituality of the priests and staff are inspiring. Our community is warm, loving and terrific.

Born in the Parish in 1941. My father was born in Hawthorn in 1902. My mother taught at St Joseph’s Church/School when it was run by the F.C.J. nuns. It has always been an extension of my family and the love and support shown by the Jesuits in our family crisis has been a bond.

As a lifelong bachelor, I haven’t really involved myself in Parish life.

Welcoming, friendly and active. It gives our family confidence.

Where I can worship the Lord in the Eucharist and in community.


I feel very loyal to this Parish though I don’t actually live in it geographically. I do not want to lose touch with it but I do not know my role.

I am proud and grateful to belong to I.C.C. Parish. It gives me life and hope and happiness.

When I first started attending week day Mass at midday and gradually Sunday services, I felt very much at ease and comfortably settled into being one of the small family at weekday Masses and of the larger group on Sundays. I find the time I spend here warm and welcoming. Fr Des’ smile can make anybody feel as I do. Also a big thank-you to Fr Brian who was here when I first started attending I.C.C. He mad such an impression being the kind of priest I grew up with in my early years.

As Christ is central to my life as a Christian, the Hawthorn Parish is central to my life as a Catholic; I need therefore to support it.

A community that provides me with the opportunity to grow in my love of God and one that has given my family a sense of belonging to a faithful community.

Being part of a prayerful community.

It has special significance for me on a personal level of warmth and belonging (I was previously at St Anthony’s which has a predominantly Italian attendance.)

I love and appreciate the Community aspect of Parish life. It gives me a “sense of belonging”

I feel I was let down by my beautiful Parish.

As we read the above results, we may be able to put some of them into the context of the six characteristics of a Jesuit Parish listed below –

A Jesuit Parish is -

• Committed to the goals of the local Church, the universal Mission in the Society and the Province Mission.

• Gathers as a community to celebrate its joys, struggles and hopes in the Word, in the Eucharist and other sacraments.

• Energized by Ignatian spirituality and helps people discern their vocation in life.

• Open to ecumenical and inter-religious dialogue and reach out to the un-churched.

• Promotes lay participation and leadership.

• Develops in the service of the faith strategies to promote local and global justice networking with other Jesuit, Ecclesial and Civil organizations.